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February 6, 2016
@Roane State Community College, Oak Ridge Campus

Volunteer Info

Looking for a way to help with the East Tennessee Science Bowl?

Volunteers are needed to ask questions, keep time, keep score, sign in schools, and lots more. If you are interested in helping out, please complete the form below.

Need more info on the available positions? Check out these links:

  • Moderator – Reads questions to teams (science/engineering/math background recommended)
  • Scientific Judge – Assists Moderator (science/engineering/math background recommended)
  • Rules Judge – Enforces rules of the competition
  • Time Keeper – Keeps match time
  • Score Keeper – Keeps match scores
  • Score Runner – Picks up scores from matches and takes to scoring room
  • Greeter/Info Desk – Greets public, general tasks, registers teams as they arrive

All volunteers will be required to attend one of two trainings scheduled for:

  • Thursday, January 21 @ 4:30 pm at AMSE
  • Saturday, January 23, @ 10:00 am at AMSE.

To sign-up to volunteer please complete this online form.