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Building the most model bridges with the highest structural efficiency earned Bearden High School the Overall Team trophy plus $150 courtesy of two Bearden students ranking second and third place individually, with each student receiving $100 and $50 respectively and the same amount going to their school in the East Tennessee Model Bridge Building Contest on March 8 at the American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge.

Winners of the East Tennessee Model Bridge Building Contest in the Senior High Division was Martin Dickey, 12th grade, homeschooler from Luttrell, who also won first place in 2013. Evan Hill, 11th grade came in second and Taylor Stevenson, 12th grade was third, both Bearden High students. The Bearden High team coach was William Schult. In addition to the trophies, these students earned cash awards for themselves and a like amount for their school. Dickey received $150 and the Dickey Homeschool $150, while Bearden High students Evan Hill got $100 for second place and Taylor Stevenson received $50 for third place. All Senior High winners were awarded trophies plus individual cash awards and like amount for their school.

The Senior High first and second place winners Dickey from Luttrell and Hill from Bearden advance to the International Bridge Building Contest at the Chicago Institute of Technology this spring.

The Most Aesthetic Bridge winner receiving a trophy and $100 cash award was Adam Wood, 12th grade, Bearden High, whose bridge met all the specifications to qualify for testing. Changes in the 2014 bridge rules required the Most Aesthetic Bridge to meet specifications for testing and for the winner to receive the cash award.

Junior High Division winners receiving trophies were First Place: Claire Clark, 8th grade, Christ’s Legacy Academy, Athens; Second Place: Jeremiah Kadron, 7th grade homeschool student from Sharp’s Chapel and Third Place: Andrew Chan, 8th grade, Jefferson Middle in Oak Ridge.

Sponsors of the East Tennessee Regional Model Bridge Building Contest include the American Museum of Science and Energy, American Society of Civil Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers and the AMSE Foundation.

Engineers judging the bridges, according to the contest bridge specifications that include materials and construction, loading and testing bridges, were David Campbell, Steve McDonald, Wayne Bowman, Siddharth Shah, Mark Eisenhauer, Chris Woodrow, and Jim Tonne.

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