70th Anniversary of AMSE

70th Anniversary of AMSE

The Secret is Out!

A platinum anniversary celebration of science, ingenuity, and the catalyst of the Atomic Age!

The American Museum of Science and Energy (AMSE) is celebrating 70 years! As an anchor of the community, AMSE is proud to celebrate a city that once only existed in a vision. The footprint of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, will forever be etched into history as one of the foundations of the Manhattan Project. Seventy years ago, steps were taken to preserve that vision and recognize how the world was changed by the “Secret City.” The museum tells the story about how and why people learned to split the atom. On March 19, 1949, the city’s gates and the nation’s first atomic energy museum, named the American Museum of Atomic Energy, were opened to the public for the first time.

As the Secret City grew into the Atomic City, our community expanded its scientific outreach into material sciences, global security, atomic research, and supercomputing. Our museum evolved with the times and the community into the American Museum of Science and Energy, relocating three times. On this anniversary we are proud to open our doors again. When Einstein stated, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another,” we like to imagine he was thinking about us. Help us celebrate our long history, exciting changes, and bright future.

Join AMSE, the AMSE Foundation, the Oak Ridge History Museum (ORHM), and the Oak Ridge Heritage and Preservation Association (ORHPA) for three upcoming events uniquely honoring the 70 years of heritage and science and the people who shaped and redirected a pivotal moment in history for the betterment of all.

March 19, 2019   6-9pm

Location: American Museum of Science and Energy, 115 Main Street East, Oak Ridge, TN

Platinum Anniversary, AMSE Foundation Fundraising Party

Heavy hors d’oeuvres
Live auction
Cocktail attire suggested
Lively Conversation

Featuring live music by Tim Hughes Quartet

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March 23, 2019   10-5pm

Location: American Museum of Science and Energy, 115 Main Street East, Oak Ridge, TN

The Secret is Out: American Museum of Science and Energy’s Platinum Celebration

Flag Pole Dedication & Sculpture Presentation

Members FREE – $5 Admission All Day

Gaming competitions – Winner receives a limited AMSE 3D printed award!

Food trucks, hair-raising electrical demonstrations, and an exhibit on the history of AMSE.

March 23, 2019   11-4pm

Location: The Oak Ridge History Museum, 102 Robertsville Rd., Oak Ridge, TN

Ribbon Cutting: Experiencing America’s Secret City at a Critical Moment in History

Free admission all day

11am: Ribbon Cutting
11:30: Cake Cutting
12:00: Photo presentation of gate opening
12:30: Story telling from the
original event in 1949
2:00: 1940s Swing Dancers

The American Museum of Science and Energy proudly welcomes you to our celebration of the vibrant, living history of how a Secret City changed the world and how our museum is ready to explain new science to future generations.

The American Museum of Science and Energy: Celebrating 70 Years of Service.

AMSE tells the story of national and global security, science, research, engineering, technology development, and environmental restoration successes that have occurred in Oak Ridge since the very first days of the Manhattan Project.