DOE’s Oak Ridge Facilities Public Bus Tour Reopens

Beginning in March and concluding in November, the long running bus tour across the Oak Ridge reservation and its facilities reopens for 2019 tours.
Air-conditioned coaches allow visitors to explore the original Manhattan Project sites around Oak Ridge and learn the history behind the development of the world’s first atomic weapon which helped to end WWII. Participants must be U.S. citizens and age 10 or older.
Registration begins at 9:00am each day at the American Museum of Science and Energy and operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration is also available online at
March Mon & Fri
April – May Mon, Wed, & Fri (except April 22 and May 27)
June – Aug Mon – Fri (except July 4 & 5)
Sept – Oct Mon, Wed, & Fri (except Sept. 2)
November Mon & Fri (except Nov. 29)
The bus begins boarding at 11:15am. Tours depart at 11:30am and return at 2:30pm.
For questions pertaining to the bus tours or AMSE’s additional attractions, including museum hours, please visit our website at
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