Spotlight: David Hackett

The Deeper History of the Oak Ridge Area: a Geological Perspective

David Hackett is the unofficial ambassador for heritage tourism in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He is a volunteer for the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, the American Museum of Science & Energy, The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Facilities Bus Tours, the Oak Ridge History Museum as well as the Yuchi Tribal Ethnohistorian. He is also championing the Emery Road as candidate for National Historic Trail. Before he retired, he was a scientist, professional engineer and educator working both for the Oak Ridge Facilities, and in private practice. While born in Indiana, David grew up here in Oak Ridge amid the ancient Yuchi tribal temple mounds & the birthing of Atomic Energy. The Yuchi were among the principle tribes that inhabited Tennessee before the Columbian Contact Holocaust. Two decades ago he was asked by the Yuchi Tribal Organization Chairman to establish the official Yuchi history in the effort for Federal tribal recognition. In that pursuit he became drawn into the deeper history of East Tennessee with its central location and role as the crossroads of Eastern North America. His interest in deeper history goes way back 500 million years to when the land we call East Tennessee was first created by plate tectonics. He wishes to ensure that this history is made available for understanding by all.

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Aug 30 2019


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm