Summer Camp: Mission to Mars

Mission to Mars

[a STEAM experience

AMSE’s Mission to Mars Summer Camp is a six-week online course with multiple weekly sessions.  Each week begins with a video session to explain and share scientific ideas and showcase experiments throughout the week ahead.  The week concludes with a wrap-up and an innovative online sharing portal so participants can showcase what happened with their experiments and challenges. 

The camp will include special guests and information unique to space travel and exploration.   

Beginning June 8th until July 17th campers will be able to participate at their own pace while receiving incredible information about an inspiring destination. Each week will explore the science and engineering required to land humans on the Martian surface millions of miles from Earth! Inspect terrestrial habitats and learn about lunar environments. Experience what astronauts might eat in deep space. We will even instruct guests how to build a Martian camp that is powered by nuclear energy. 

 This unique camp will teach campers about the past, present, and future of space exploration, and the amazing science and engineering behind this great adventure

Prepare for the future at the AMSE Mission to Mars camp this summer.

Participants must register online. Upon registration, campers will receive log-in information.

Summer Camp:

Week 1: June 8-12

Week 2: June 15-19

Week 3: June 22-26

Week 4: 30 – July 3

Week 5: July 6-10

Week 6: July 13-17

The camp is designed for rising 5th, 6th, and 7th graders.

The cost is free.


Jun 08 2020
American Museum of Science and Energy


American Museum of Science and Energy
115 Main Street East, Oak Ridge, TN