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Educational Programs

Classroom Programs

  • Magnetic Attraction – Demystify the magic of magnets as students explore the sizes, shapes and strengths of magnets and test materials using magnetometer. Grades K-3
  • SLGP Matters – Scientific senses matter as students collect facts about solids, liquids, gases, and plasma, how they change from one state to another and how they relate to everday life. Grades K-3
  • Science of Circuits – Electricity is in the air as students create series and parallel circuits to test materials for conductive and insulative properties. Grades 4-6
  • Sweet Heat – Insulative properties of various materials are investigated while teams compete to see who can keep it hot or lose their spot. Grades 4-6

Special Activities

  • Scavenger Hunt – Search each exhibit area in the museum for clues to the answers for this pictorial scavenger hunt.
  • Videos – Our video library has a variety of energy and science topics. Please ask when you register your group about the titles that best fit your needs.

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