The Manhattan Project

Become immersed in Oak Ridge during the Manhattan Project in this gallery featuring a documentary shown on two screens. After the show, investigate tools used by workers and items that were a part of residents’ daily lives. Learn about the “Secret City” by reading the panels about topics ranging from nuclear fission to housing. This gallery explores the original Oak Ridge. 

National Security

After the Manhattan Project, Oak Ridge was still an international leader in atomic exploration as well as other ways to keep citizens safe. Learn about Oak Ridge’s role in developing of nuclear powered submarines, disarming nuclear weapons worldwide, and creating ways for all people’s lives to be safer. 

Big Science

Ever since World War II, Oak Ridge has led the way in scientific research and its varied applications. In this gallery, learn about projects past, present, and future that take place in one of the local facilities. These projects come in all sizes, from microscopic to gigantic. Learn about research in nanotechnology, the world’s fastest supercomputer, and 3D printing. See the full-size 3D-printed Jeep and take an “air shower” to learn how scientists create clean working environments. 

Energy Leadership

Oak Ridge has a strong foundation in energy since its beginnings in the Manhattan Project. Researchers investigate not only nuclear energy but other forms as well such as water, solar, and wind power. This research has applications in citizens’ daily lives. Come investigate its impact on your life with the dynamic Energy Grid activity. Also, learn about the power of plasma and touch the iconic plasma ball. 

Environmental Restoration

The original work in Oak Ridge did not take into account the impact on the environment. Since then, Oak Ridge has pioneered solutions to past problems and led the way in remediating the environment. Learn how researchers investigate the environment and see the protective gear that they wear while they work. 

The Exploration Zone

Come have fun while learning with a range of hands-on activities! Interactive stations cover topics such as robotics and batteries. Train your brain with AMSE’s iconic Brain Busters. These activities can be done individually or as a family. 

Traveling Exhibits

Apollo Redux: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of humankind’s first steps on the Moon, remember and celebrate the heroes of space exploration who remain on the ground—the men and women of NASA’s Mission Control. Without their efforts, no launch and no landing—whether of Man on the Moon or Rovers on Mars—is possible.

Apollo Redux takes you back in time to the Mission Control of the Apollo-era missions to the Moon with equal consideration of Space exploration today and in the future.

This exhibit is presented by the Cosmosphere and funded through a NASA TEAM II Grant.

Astrophotography & Art @ AMSE

Participants of Astrophotography & Art @ AMSE turned STEM into STEAM as they created digitally enhanced space images and then rendered them to canvas! The project was made possible by NASA‘s Universe of Learning and is exhibited in the Community Gallery.

Destination Moon

When Apollo 11 landed on the Moon and humans first set foot on another celestial body, it gave humanity a new perspective from which to view ourselves. Using this poster exhibition, viewers will be able to look back at this historic mission, and hopefully envision the next generation of innovators, scientists, explorers and astronauts.

Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission Poster Exhibition is based on a traveling exhibition of the same name, developed by the National Air and Space Museum and the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service. The exhibition is made possible by the support of Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos, Joe Clark, Bruce R. McCaw Family Foundation, the Charles and Lisa Simonyi Fund for Arts and Sciences, John and Susann Norton, and Gregory D. and Jennifer Walston Johnson.

The Art of Science

See the world through the eyes of a scientist. Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Art of Science contest shares the beauty of scientific discovery and knowledge through visually compelling images. Whether captured with a camera or a microscope, the 2018 winners showcase the research taking place at the nation’s largest science and energy lab. 

Ed Westcott’s “Secret City Revealed”

The images produced by Ed Westcott stand as the single most popular record of the Manhattan Project for the general public. Without his photography, much of the story would be incomplete, leaving a great void in the history of Oak Ridge during World War II. This exhibit is dedicated to Westcott’s passion, and it includes some images never before released to the public until now.