Race To Space Registration


Race To Space Registration


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The Race to Space is a virtual race for walkers, runners, and other locomotors of all ages to reach goals and attain medals as they climb the levels of the atmosphere from the Troposphere to the Exosphere, ultimately reaching the International Space Station or beyond!

Registration provides for one person

  • Free access to the Race to Space
  • 3-D printed medals of your achievements with lanyard
  • and a t-shirt.


The race is self-monitored; you keep track of your mileage yourself. When you reach a new level just email us at or fill in the form on the Race to Space page so that we can send you your freshly-printed medal.

Additional information

Shirt Size

Youth Large, Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult XL, Adult XXL, Adult XXXL

What goal would you like to try to achieve? (This is just for you. You may go less or more.)

None, Troposphere (10 miles), Stratosphere (30 miles), Mesosphere (50 miles), Karman Line (62 miles), Thermosphere (100 miles), Space Station (220 miles), Exosphere (430+ miles)

Can we let people know when you've achieved a level? (Mark "No" if you would prefer to keep your participation quiet.)

Yes, No