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Membership to AMSE is way more than just a ticket. Help support us and get some benefits along the way. All AMSE Memberships include the ASTC Passport Program, which gives the member free admission into participating science centers and museums. Click to learn more. In addition, all members enjoy invitations to exclusive events such as early exhibit openings. Click the membership options below to learn more about what they offer!

Innovative interactive classes to educate and inspire this and future generations through The 117 Society.

The American Museum of Science and Energy and the K-25 History Center is very excited to announce today the debut of The 117 Society.  Named in honor of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s key role in the creation of element 117, Tennessine, The 117 Society is our highest membership level, designed to provide unique access to a range of AMSE and K-25 History Center programs and resources.  In turn, members of The 117 Society provide vital support to our museums.   

We have always appreciated the amazing support given to our museums by those in our community and beyond.  What we do at AMSE and the K-25 History Center is important – as we teach about the history of Oak Ridge, the vital work done here since, and the promise of tomorrow, we are an engine of STEM education.  Helping to educate and inspire this and future generations is what we are all about, and by joining The 117 Society, you give us the support we need by becoming a vital part of our team.   

We appreciate your considering this opportunity, and I hope you will join – just let us know if you have any questions at 

Thank you very much and come see us soon at AMSE and the K-25 History Center. 

Inquiries for these memberships can be made to

You will be amazed what and AMSE membership does when paired with ASTC! Click to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my membership provide free admission to both AMSE and the K-25 History Center? 

Yesplease enjoy both museums as an AMSE Foundation member. 

How do I purchase a membership? 

You have two options. You can fill out a membership form at either of our museums or simply follow this link to get your membership.  

How do I renew my membership? 

Renewal notices are sent out 15 days before your membership expires. Simply follow the link to renew your AMSE Foundation membership 

How do I upgrade my membership level?

To upgrade your membership level simply call us at 865-294-4531 or email and we will happily upgrade your membership for you with no hassle.

How do I obtain my electronic membership card? 

Your electronic membership card will be sent to you via email the next business day after purchase.

Can I obtain a physical copy of my card? 

Physical cards are given with special request. We send cards available on your mobile device by the next business day after purchase for convenience.

What if I forget my membership card? 

No problem! We can simply look up your membership! 

Can I still use an expired membership? 

You cannot. You will have to renew if your membership has expired.

Can I apply the purchase of admission to AMSE and/or the K-25 History Center to the purchase of a membership?

Yes, if you come for a visit to AMSE and/or the K-25 History Center and decide that you would like to purchase a membership, please let one of our customer service representatives know and we will apply your entry fee toward the purchase of your new AMSE Foundation Membership. 

Can I change the name on a membership? 

Absolutely, simply call us at 865-294-4531 or email and we will happily make that change for you with no hassle 

Can I receive a discount on my membership? 

We offer our memberships at a discounted rate in the months of November and December (they are great gifts for family and friends) 

When does my membership expire? 

Your membership will expire 1 year after purchase. The card you receive on your mobile device will show an expiration date therefore you never have to worry if it has already expired

How do I use my membership at other ASTC-affiliated museums and science centers?  

Simply follow this link and you can see all science centers covered with your ASTC-affiliated location. You just show them your AMSE Foundation membership card. 

How do I visit the museums before my cards arrive?  

Your electronic membership card should arrive by the following day after your purchaseIf for some reason that is not the case just show your receipt of purchase. 

What if I need another copy of the electronic card? 

To request a new card simply call us at 865-294-4531 or email and we will get you one sent to your email right away. 

Is my membership tax deductible? 

Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. No goods or services were given in exchange for this gift. The AMSE Foundation is a 501(c)(3) / EIN: 62-1693789. 

If I am making a purchase in your shops how do I get my member discount? 

Simply present your membership card to the cashier when checking out with your merchandise.

How do I take advantage of the discount on rental spaces? 

When making your reservation for a rental space let us know that you are a memberThen, when you come in to pay, bring a copy of your membership card and your discount will be applied at checkout.