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Saturday, April 20

AMSE Foundation Energy and Elements Gala:

Engineering Education

Join us to celebrate learning as we recognize some of the brightest minds in the business and Oak Ridge schools; both instructors and students.

The AMSE Foundation is done with stuffy fundraisers at the same places, serving the same old food, to the same crowd. This year we are putting the FUN in

FUNdraising by having it at AMSE.

Educators will be educating, hands-on activities will be activated, a fully engaged international and community tourist destination in full swing!

Delicious specialty foods, one of a kind beverage specials, in-person activities, high-tech materials on display, and so much more!

We will welcome: Guru Madhavan the Norman R. Augustine Senior Scholar, Senior Director of Programs, and Director, Forum on Complex Unifiable Systems (FOCUS)| National Academy of Engineering in Washington, DC.

Oak Ridge High School's high tech industrial leader Dr. Mark Buckner will be featured and showcase some of the amazing innovations Oak Ridge schools are implementing to keep this system on the cutting edge of tomorrow's workforce.



AMSE tells the story of the advances in science and engineering that have occurred in Oak Ridge since the first days of the Manhattan Project. We are a national resource that is proud to be located in east Tennessee, a region that has been and remains on the cutting-edge of scientific innovation. AMSE is a powerful engine of STEAM education and inspiration. With our fun, interactive exhibits and programs, every day we tell visitors from the globe exciting, world-changing stories and we help explain how our world and universe works. Come join us at AMSE, where science comes alive.