Give the Gift of an AMSE Membership

This holiday season, you can give your nephew the sounds of the universe, your grandmother a selfie with a 3D-printed car, or your favorite educator the chance to dive deeply into the Nuclear Navy or walk in the footsteps of Manhattan Project scientists. You can offer all these unique experiences—and more!—to your loved ones this year, when you give the gift of membership to AMSE and the K-25 History Center.


What makes the American Museum of Science & Energy and the K-25 History Center unique is that both institutions are deeply rooted in the very founding of Oak Ridge. Each museum continues to provide unique experiences to guests from all over the world. 

The AMSE Foundation, as the powerful engine behind these cherished institutions, is driving the mission of education and enrichment forward, into the future, by telling the story of how science comes alive in Oak Ridge. Through educational programs, interactive exhibits, and community outreach events, the AMSE Foundation inspires the next generation to dream and accomplish great things like those who have made our region an international powerhouse of science and engineering. 

The AMSE Foundation offers museum guests the opportunity to support the museums by purchasing museum memberships. Memberships allow the AMSE Foundation to continue to be a vital educational resource in the Oak Ridge and east Tennessee community and help the Foundation grow its innovative educational programs, high-quality museum exhibits, and exciting public programming.

What museum access do you get?

When you purchase an AMSE membership, you will get access to all of our interactive features and special exhibits at both AMSE and the K-25 History Center. 

In addition to our permanent exhibits, where you can listen to the first-hand accounts of the people who worked for the Manhattan Project or visualize structures at the subatomic level through the spallation neutron source, you can also check out our Innovators’ Gallery, which regularly features new and exciting technologies in partnership with community-minded organizations. Other exhibits include fascinating items such as 3D printed vehicles, a Van De Graaff generator, and an interactive that tells you what kind of element you would be. We even have a piece of President Zachary Taylor’s hair that Oak Ridge National Laboratory tested for possible arsenic poisoning! (Spoiler alert: President Taylor was NOT poisoned.) 

What are the benefits of membership?

All AMSE memberships include free admission to the museums and automatic enrollment in the ASTC Travel Passport Program, which gives members free access to participating museums and science centers throughout the nation. AMSE members also enjoy invitations to exclusive events, such as early exhibit openings, discounts on merchandise at our gift shops, as well as discounts on camps, special programs, and facility usage. In addition to the 117 Society, there are five membership levels, ranging from $35 to $500, so that all of our guests can choose a membership level that best fits their needs. 

But the best benefit of all? Knowing that you’re helping support the mission of the first museum in the world dedicated to telling the story of the atom, and that stands as the United States’ official museum of science and energy. When you become a supporting member of AMSE and the K-25 History Center, you are helping us build upon the legacy of the original Manhattan Project. So this holiday season, we invite you to share in our story by purchasing a membership for yourself and your loved ones today!