Educational Programs

AMSE is happy to host a variety of educational events for all ages. To learn more and request an event, contact Glenda Bingham or call 865-294-4531, and check our events calendar for regularly scheduled programs.

Group Events

Enjoy a day at AMSE with a scheduled event for your group. Plan your event today!

Atoms and Atom Smashers

Experience the hair-raising excitement of the Van de Graaff generator!

A demonstration of the Van de Graaff generator, a hair-raising event exploring the basics of static electricity and the structure of the atom, presented in the auditorium.

All Ages (~45 minutes)
Free with admission


Feel the pull of magnetism as you measure different materials!

Using magnets and magnetometers, students will test the magnetic qualities of various materials.

Grades K - 3 (30-45 minutes)
$3 per student + admission

Nuclear Science Merit Badge Program (for Scouts)

Learn about the fascinating world of nuclear science and earn a merit badge!

Scouts complete most requirements to earn the Scout Nuclear Science Merit Badge. This program follows National Boy Scout guidelines and includes a video, lecture, and hands-on activities using Geiger counters and radioactive sources.

Minimum group size of 10 Scouts, Grades 6 - 12 (~5-6 hours)
$7 per scout

Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma

Become a matter expert and learn about different elemental states!

Through hands-on activities, students will examine the states of matter and witness changes in these states.

Grades K - 3 (30-45 minutes)
$3 per student + admission


Spark your imagination while building electric circuits!

Using hand-held generators and wires, students will create electrical circuits and discover materials that are conductors and/or insulators.

Grades 3 - 6 (30-45 minutes)
$3 per student + admission

Sweet Heat

Keep your cool as we learn about heat and thermal insulators!

Following the scientific method, students will test the insulating qualities of various materials.

Grades 3 - 6 (30-45 minutes)
$3 per student + admission

Outreach Programs

Bring the fun and learning of AMSE to you! These programs feature one of our educators coming to your school for a personalized educational experience. Great for homeschoolers or anyone interested in learning from the comfort of their own classroom. Classes range from 1-2 hours and $75-$110 per class. Contact Lenell Wright for more information. Learn more about the outreach programs.

1-hour classes – $75* 1st class** $50 each repeated class on the same day 2-hour classes – $110* per class (no price breaks for additional classes).

*Additional charges apply for distances over 100 miles round trip ($10 for each additional ten miles).

** A minimum of two hours should be scheduled per visit.

*** Time between classes should not exceed 45 minutes; for each 45 minute gap, an additional $20 will be charged for each gap. Maximum group size is 30 participants.

Educational Videos