Facility Rental

Interested in hosting your next event at AMSE? Whether for business or pleasure, we have a variety of rooms and equipment for rent to fit any event needs.


When hosting a large event, come to the AMSE Auditorium! The room can be set up in several configurations. Your guests can sit in rows facing the stage, be seated around tables, or stand. AMSE offers equipment to support you in giving a presentation. During a meal, intriguing art on the walls provides a conversation starter. Energize your next large gathering by holding it in the AMSE Auditorium! 

Closeup of Auditorium Table

Conference Room

When meeting with a small group, come to the AMSE Conference Room! The room has a sink, whiteboard wall, and large television for presentations. AMSE offers equipment to facilitate your presentation. You and your colleagues can sit in AMSE’s comfortable conference room and draw inspiration from your surroundings! 


When organizing a moderately-sized event, come to the AMSE Laboratories! You can rent either Lab 1 or Lab 2 or draw back the room divider to reserve them both. Each room features a whiteboard wall, sink, and large television for your use. AMSE offers equipment to aid you in giving a presentation or brainstorming with a group. The rooms can be arranged in different configurations whether you are giving a presentation or hosting a meal. Empower your next event by hosting it in an AMSE Laboratory! 

For more information, contact Natasha Beets or download the facility rental form.