Was the Second World War a continuation of the First World War? How did children in the United States contribute to the war effort? Help young learners find the answers to these questions and more in this close-up look at the largest conflict the world has ever known. They’ll learn how it began, who fought in it, and the ways it affected lives all around the globe—one unbelievable fact at a time.

Go beyond other World War 2 books with:

  • 175+ amazing things to know—Kids will step back in time and explore the history of World War II with Q&As, true or false questions, and more.
  • Easy-to-share facts—Provide kids with bite-sized facts that are simple to remember and exciting to tell their friends and family.
  • A complete overview—Young learners will examine how the war started, the new ways it was fought, the effects it had on the lives of ordinary people, and more.

Make learning about history easy with this top choice in books about World War 2.