Sally’s Night – Looking to the Stars with AMSE

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This June, the AMSE Foundation is inviting everyone to visit AMSE to ignite your own families curiosity and look up at the heavens and gaze into the stars.

From 10:00 am to 3: pm AMSE will offer guests a collection of activities for the whole family. We will also have some Decorate-Your-Self Telescopes, activity packets from NASA along with links to some on-line activities for star gazing at home in the evening hours. We will also have some opportunities to view the stars during the day with a bit of help from some technological gadgets.

This event is free with the price of a regular admission. Members are free.

AMSE will also host some wonderful films for this special day.

11am: & 1pm Showing of JWST Video followed by Observing with NASA program, give instructions on how to use the OWN Kiosk 

12pm & 2pm: Showing of the Flygirls: Women in Aerospace 30-min video 

Sally Ride lived her life with extraordinary energy, passion, curiosity and joy. All astronauts lead exciting lives, but some are larger than life even before they reach for the stars. Whether in the classroom or on the tennis court, in the lab or on the launch pad—it was clear from the start that Dr. Ride would reach great heights.

Each June we mark the anniversary of one exciting episode of Sally’s extraordinary life—the first night she looked back at Earth from space and experienced the special exhilaration and joy that energy, focus, and passion can bring to those who reach for the stars. Early interests and clear role models can lead to excellence in any field—particularly science, technology, engineering, and math, where not even the sky’s the limit.


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